Frigerio Restaurant & Wine Bar
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Frigerio's bar is a pillar in town.

We are proud to say it and this makes us working hard everyday to obtain the best and to guarantee the same service to our clients, especially those we meet everyday.

A typical day starts from a fresh breakfast with croissant and a cappuccino.

Coffee Break. The lunch offers different possibilities: description piatto uno, description piatto due are an example of how we structure our offer and we never forget to add sandwiches, piadina and salads, for a light lunch.

In the afternoon you can have an icecream, both children and parents.

The aperitivo is the part of the day we really feel and we really love sipping a Bellavista wine or a cocktail, that go on well with finger food to sharpen the appetite!

From 7.00 pm the Restaurant/Pizzeria is open and it consists in a sequence of dishes that keep simplicity.

From 11.00 pm the bar service leads you to finish your day, till 2.00 am.

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