Frigerio Restaurant & Wine Bar
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The main actor for us, it's the taste.

The restaurant was born because we never stop.

We always need to learn new techniques and know how that allows to grow up professionally.

It was April 2010 and the major part of the square was Bordeaux-colored! Candles and wine glasses to toast our great Italy, with its traditions and artisanal flavors, that never gives up to surprise.

Our kitchen is based on dishes that belong to Italian culture and tries to be creative at the same time: we like trying to propose typical flavors mixed up with vegetables and sauces handled by our Chef!

A particular attention goes to the fish, with its unique and rare taste that everybody can recognize, to follow we find meats, fist courses dishes and various desserts.

For pizza lovers we have a long, huge choice of ingredients so that everybody can personalize his meal and let it become a great experience! We have electric ovens that are perfect for crispy and thin pizzas.


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